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Company History

Abbie Jones Consulting began in 2011 from nothing to currently 16 staff. Ms. Jones is personally, and we are corporately, a licensed professional engineer (civil) in 10 and surveyor in 6 states and counting. We also have 2 PE, 2 EIT , 4 PLS, and 2 LSIT. We are currently working to get our junior staff licensed and actively employ college interns. We also employ current members of the military service and are glad to accommodate their drills and deployments.

States We Serve

We have been 100% remote since the beginning which uniquely prepared us for the pandemic. In fact, we were named the KY SBA Remote (Home Based) Small Business of the year 2022! This is one of many reasons we are so dog-friendly. Being remote means modern technologies and methods. We have always been cloud-based (except when special security measures are needed). 

Our field staff all have modern Trimble equipment, use field to finish coding, and are expected to use laptops for basic CAD tasks. Our office staff use remote access to deed rooms and source various GIS datasets for basemaps on new projects. AJC has substantial basemap datasets to aid in project planning. We are glad to complete projects in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Carlson, Trimble Business Center, TopoDOT, Bentley, ESRI using formats such as .dwg, .dgn, .las, .geotiff, .pdf and more.


We have an undefeated record for rezoning and have written over 205 pages of ordinances. We happily provide customized planning commission training classes at your location. We can provide you with Miovision traffic counts directly. Our office has 25 miovision units at the ready with a dedicated vehicle and staff.


Furthermore, we partner with architects, mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineers (MEP) and structural engineers; they are not in-house.

Senior Staff


Abbie Jones, PE, PLS, President

Abbie is a 23 year experienced licensed engineer in 10 states and surveyor in 6 states and counting. As a former city official in two states and a private consultant prior to beginning the firm, she understands both sides of the fence. Her survey experience is high precision. She has expert witness experience and has written over 205 pages of ordinances. She is the 100% owner and no staff are related to or married to her. Abbie's vision for our firm is a little different.


Tim Woodcock, PLS

Tim is a 35+ year experience licensed surveyor. His extensive heavy construction, quarry, mining, and large scale rural survey experience is important to the firm. He is our Safety Coordinator, and is Train the Trainer Passport Certified (energy). He has expert witness experience. Tim is one of our highest tech employees-doing large and very accurate 3d models and figuring out the AGIS standards are just a few of his shining examples.

Joyce Followell, PE, LSIT

Joyce is a 20+ experience licensed engineer and LSIT. She joined us in 2021 from a from a survey and NRCS background. Her addition includes both engineering and surveying. Her life as a farmer translates into easily constructible designs and layouts.


Eric Harris, PLS

Eric joined AJC as an LSIT in 2021 bringing with him 19 years of experience. During his time here he has become a Professional Land Surveyor in the state of Kentucky.

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