We provide land surveying and civil engineering. This includes a variety of specific services listed below. Ask how we can help you with a complex problem!

We use a variety of survey methods and equipment: conventional and GPS. We can do base and rover (GNSS and OPUS) or VRS GNSS systems. We can use a conventional 2-3 person total station crew or a one person robotic total station. Horizontal and Vertical control for high precision is accomplished with conventional and digital levels. Safety and the exact task required affect which equipment and method is the best fit.

  • Boundary Surveys (Cadastral)

    Boundary Surveys include re-establish existing corners, research subject and adjoiner property, setting any needed missing corners, and creating a plat (often for recordation). We survey easement exhibits, monument and sib-divide parcels, fee tracts, and rights-of-ways. Deliverables include options such as retracements, minor and major subdivisions, and public infrastructure purchase plats with various state and local requirements.

  • Topographic Surveys

    Topographic Surveys are maps of the ground and visible improvements, such as buildings, walls, roads, and utilities. This can also include edge of water, water surface elevation (WSEL), flood water markings, elevation certificates, finish floor elevations and may include tree surveys. Industry standard precision is 0.1' for a normal topo. Pavement grade topos have higher precision and often are 0.02' or 0.03'. Drone topos cannot be used for precision pavement grade topos at this time but are very appropriate for off-road areas with precisions of 0.2'-0.5' based on groundcovers. Not all survey firms understand these differences. Clients should be very specific about their exact needs if precision is critical.

  • Civil Engineering (also known as Site Plans or Construction Drawings or Utility Drawings)

    Civil Engineering is the design OUTSIDE of a building envelope (that means generally 5' away from the building corners). This work includes parking lots, pipes, detention ponds, roads, sidewalks, trails, and erosion control plans. Architects are in charge of the building envelope. Coordination with Architects and the required Surveyors is something we understand. We ask a lot of questions up front to prevent change orders.

  • Private Locates (also known as Subsurface Utility Engineering or SUE)

    Subsurface Utility Engineering on private property is often called a private locate. Utility locates within the public right of way is often free and achieved by calling 811 in most states. We can locate traceable utilities and some not marked if we are allowed direct access to certain portions of a facility. We use a partner for GPR technologies.

  • Traffic Counting

    We provide video traffic counting for turning movement counts (TMC) and automatic classification counts (ATR) which are the newer versions of tube counters. We can also provide radar counts, assist with origin-destination (O-D) surveys and other custom data collection. We've mapped license plates per red cycle, matched license plates to consider a new "cut through" route for ambulances and other fun things over the years.

  • ALTA/NSPS Surveys

    ALTA Surveys are the most expensive survey option. They are a combination of a boundary, topo, and SUE survey. Generally these are for commercial or large scale purchases over $1M. A title packet and a completed Table A are necessary for us to begin work.

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